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"Accordance was a great second installment to one of my all-time favorite series!"

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"a chance to win not only the Cube Cam itself, but 5 custom designed accessories that will make using the Cube 10000x more fun"

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Storyspinner by Becky Wallace (Interview + Giveaway)

I am thrilled to be a stop on the book tour for The Storyspinner by Becky Wallace hosted by Rockstar Book Tours! Today, I have an author interview for your reading pleasure, but be sure to check out the tour schedule below, or click the banner above, to read reviews and more!
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Title: The Storyspinner
Author: Becky Wallace
Series: Standalone
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Find it: Goodreads | Amazon Barnes & Noble
Drama and danger abound in this fantasy realm where dukes play a game for the throne, magical warriors race to find the missing heir, and romance blossoms where it is least expected.

In a world where dukes plot their way to the throne, a Performer’s life can get tricky. And in Johanna Von Arlo’s case, it can be fatal. Expelled from her troupe after her father’s death, Johanna is forced to work for the handsome Lord Rafael DeSilva. Too bad they don’t get along. But while Johanna’s father’s death was deemed an accident, the Keepers aren’t so sure.

The Keepers, a race of people with magical abilities, are on a quest to find the princess—the same princess who is supposed to be dead and whose throne the dukes are fighting over. But they aren’t the only ones looking for her. And in the wake of their search, murdered girls keep turning up—girls who look exactly like the princess, and exactly like Johanna.

With dukes, Keepers, and a killer all after the princess, Johanna finds herself caught up in political machinations for the throne, threats on her life, and an unexpected romance that could change everything.

Author Interview

Welcome to Bookish, Becky! I'm so excited to have you here with us today!

Me too!! Thanks so much for having me! 

In tweet form (140 characters or less), how would you describe the story of The Storyspinner to those who haven’t heard of it yet?

A case of mistaken identity exposes a young Performer to a danger she could never have imagined and a secret her father died to protect. (Woot! With four characters to spare!) 

Tell us about Johanna, your heroine. 

Johanna is a Performer, a trained singer, story teller, acrobat, and flaming-knife thrower. She wants to follow in her parents’ footsteps and travel their country entertaining in all the major cities. When her father dies unexpectedly and her family is kicked out of their troupe, her dreams are dashed. She has to provide for her family, and is forced to take a job as a court performer for the arrogant and gorgeous Lord Rafael DeSilva.

They do not get along. 

One of the things I love best about Johanna are her mama bear tendencies. You endanger her family, you meet her wrath!

I know this may be a tricky one, but what is your favorite (non-spoiler) scene from The Storyspinner?

Easy-peasy. I call it the Not-So-Charming Prince Scene (chapter 2), when Johanna meets Rafi (sigh) for the first time. Sparks—and fists—fly. 

If you could spend a day with one your characters, who would you choose, where would you go, and what would you talk about?

Dom—Lord Rafi’s younger brother. No question about that. He’s so chill and has an awesome sense of humor. He also carries around pockets full of treats everywhere he goes. Who doesn’t like the guy with goodies? We’d probably find a meadow, far away from anything work-related, and nap in the sunshine. He doesn’t take anything seriously, and I need a little more of that in my life. ;) 

What was the first thing you did when you learned you were going to be published?

Almost wrecked my car! True story. I was driving through a forest in northern Virginia when my agent called, but reception was bad and her voice kept cutting out. It sounded like, “Simon & Schuster…(garble, garble)…pre-empt..CALL ME BACK!” There might have been (totally was) some dangerous speed racing to get out of the trees.

If I could live in any TV/movie/book universe, it would be . . . A world without reptiles! *shivers* Snakes, crocodiles, lizard-things…you find a habitable place without those creatures and I’m there!! 

If I could tell the world just one thing, it'd be . . . TREAT PEOPLE LIKE PEOPLE. Everyone has backstory. You don’t know why that man is homeless or why that dude has skull tattoos on his eyelids. And it doesn’t matter. They are human beings. They have value. They may live differently than you, but that doesn’t make them less. *hops off soapbox*

The last book I bought was . . . TUNNEL VISION by Susan Adrian. She’s one of my fellow Fearless Fifteeners, and so far I’m really enjoying it!!

Thanks for being here, Becky! I really enjoyed the interview and cannot wait to read The Storyspinner and meet all these wonderful characters you talked about!

About the Author

In second grade, Becky Wallace had to sit in the corner because she refused to write anything except princess stories and fairy tales (and because she talked too much).

Her time in isolation gave her plenty of opportunities to dream up the fantasy worlds she’s been dabbling with ever since. She was lucky enough to find her own real-life Prince Charming. They have four munchkins and live in happy little town near Houston, Texas.


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The Crimson Gate by Whitney A. Miller (Exclusive Giveaway!)
For more information, click the banner to head over to Jean Book Nerd!

Title: The Crimson Gate
Author:Whitney A. Miller
Series: The Violet Hour #2
Release Date: March 8, 2015
Publisher: Flux
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Horror
Find it: Goodreads | Amazon Barnes & Noble Book Depository
Harlow must stop her evil counterpart in this thrilling sequel to The Violet Hour.

Harlow Wintergreen has just been named the new Matriarch of VisionCrest, the powerful religious organization previously led by her father. But there's one big problem. The real Harlow is trapped inside a Cambodian temple, and her double, the evil Isiris, has escaped confinement and is masquerading as her.

Now initiated as their leader, Isiris intends to unleash a killer super virus aimed at cleansing the planet of VisionCrest. In order to stop her, Harlow must find a way out of the temple and locate the Resistance...or the world will be destroyed.

About the Author

Whitney A. Miller lives in San Francisco with her husband and a struggling houseplant.

She’s summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, ridden the Trans-Siberian rails, bicycled through Vietnam, done the splits on the Great Wall of China, and evaded the boat police in Venice. However, her best international adventures take place on the page.Whitney is represented by Jennifer Laughran at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.



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A personal Skype session OR phone call with Whitney, autographed copies of The Violet Hour, Lots of Swag, $50.00 Amazon Gift Card and an EXCLUSIVE pair of Sami Ryan "All Seeing Eye" earrings (just like the VisionCrest symbol!)

You’ll have to email your final order to You can forward an email, take a screenshot of the order page, attach a picture or pdf of the order. And you can order from anyone — online, your local bookstore, your local chain store, or any retailer who sells books. The winning entry will be chosen from Rafflecopter.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

When My Heart Was Wicked by Tricia Stirling (Interview + Giveaway)

I am thrilled to be a stop on the book tour for When My Heart Was Wicked by Tricia Stirling hosted by Rockstar Book Tours! Today, I have an author interview for your reading pleasure, but be sure to check out the tour schedule below, or click the banner above, to read reviews and more!
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Title: When My Heart Was Wicked
Author: Tricia Stirling
Series: Standalone
Release Date: February 24, 2015
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Find it: Goodreads | Amazon Barnes & Noble
"I used to be one of those girls. The kind who loved to deliver bad news. When I colored my hair, I imagined it seeping into my scalp, black dye pooling into my veins.

But that was the old Lacy. Now, when I cast spells, they are always for good."

16-year-old Lacy believes that magic and science can work side by side. She's a botanist who knows how to harness the healing power of plants. So when her father dies, Lacy tries to stay with her step-mother in Chico, where her magic is good and healing. She fears the darkness that her real mother, Cheyenne, brings out, stripping away everything that is light and kind.

Yet Cheyenne never stays away for long. Beautiful, bewitching, unstable Cheyenne who will stop at nothing, not even black magic, to keep control of her daughter's heart. She forces Lacy to accompany her to Sacramento, and before long, the "old" Lacy starts to resurface.

But when Lacy survives a traumatic encounter, she finds herself faced with a choice. Will she use her powers to exact revenge and spiral into the darkness forever? Or will she find the strength to embrace the light?

Author Interview

Welcome to Bookish, Tricia! I'm so excited to have you here with us today! In tweet form (140 characters or less), how would you describe the story of When My Heart Was Wicked to those who haven’t heard of it yet?

It’s so nice to be here, thank you so much! Okay, in tweet form: Lacy was a mean girl raised by a cruel mom. Out of her care Lacy has reinvented herself but now her black magic-wielding mom wants her back.

Could you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind it?

I knew I wanted to write about a step-mother and step-daughter, because I believe in the power of families that exist outside of the conventional. I knew the real mother would have abused the court system, because I’ve seen that happen again and again. At the time I was writing this, I had a lot of male friends who were fighting so hard for the privilege of being a presence in their child’s life, and I wanted to address that. Beyond that, my inspiration was Frida Kahlo’s journal. I’ve told this story several times now, but as I was writing the first draft, I was reading her journals and stealing images from them which I tried to incorporate into the story.

What are some of your literary inspirations? Favorite books/authors?

I love Alice Hoffman and Janet Fitch. I read Aimee Bender’s The Girl in the Flammable skirt years ago, and I was floored. I was like, “I didn’t know you could do that with fiction!” Of course I love the magical realists. And I’m making my way through the fairy tales. I recently read The Juniper Tree for the first time and I just loved it. What a strange, crazy story!

What is the best moment, aside from being published, you've experienced since becoming an author?

It’s my kids being so excited for me. My ten year old keeps saying these lovely things, like “You worked so hard, you should get an award.” My daughter was on Smilebox last night making me a “Happy Book Launch” card. It means everything to me that they’re so supportive and enthusiastic about my writing.

If I was magically transported back in time to the Dark Ages, I'd . . . Find some personages of historical significance and bring them back through the annals of time to my high school to help me with my oral report.

One time I spontaneously . . . This is a fascinating question for a fascinating person. I’m afraid I’m not that fascinating. I did pay the pilot extra to take me higher when I skydived. Also I once flashed my husband through the window at a restaurant. The young men at a nearby table were very enthusiastic.  (I love that Tricia did both those things - I would consider that pretty fascinating!)

I'm addicted to . . . water. It’s sad.

If I could live in any TV/movie/book universe, it would be . .  Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus.

Listen to this: “The room (the trapdoor) opens into is full of feathers that flutter downward. When you walk through them, they flutter like snow over the door in the floor, obscuring it from sight. There are six identical doors. You choose one at random, trailing a few feathers with you. The scent of pine is overwhelming as you enter the next room to find yourself in a forest full of evergreen trees. Only the trees are not green but bright and white, luminous in the darkness surrounding them.” God. She has a fantastic imagination. I’d love to crawl around in there for a while.

Thanks for being here, Tricia! Can't wait to read When My Heart Was Wicked!

About the Author

I am a writer. I am also a mother, daughter, wife, sometimes crafter, and voracious reader. I'm outdoorsy and kind of shy. As a child, I was kicked out of girlscouts. I love cheese and bread. I love Anthopologie and Mary Margaret's apartment in Once Upon a Time. I'm a sloppy dogloving person, but I admire the sleek cool of cats. My favorite writers include Alice Hoffman, Janet Fitch, Donna Tarte, and Aimee Bender. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were also good.


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