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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella - Paperback Giveaway!

“Celebrate May with FINDING AUDREY!”

Hi guys, I am so happy to share with you today this awesome giveaway of one paperback copy of Finding Audrey!

I reviewed Finding Audrey last year (see my review HERE), and I absolutely loved this book. It was heartwarming and incredibly sweet and funny. I loved the humor, I loved the depth, I loved the family dynamics and most of all, I loved Audrey as a character. 

This is a perfect Spring/Summer read, whether you're spending your time on the beach, at the lake, or on your balcony/patio at home. It's such a charming and fuzzy story, I promise you - you will be absolutely delighted!

So, without further ado, here is the giveaway. Be sure to also check out the full schedule, as this month many bloggers came together to celebrate the PB release of Finding Audrey and each of us has a separate giveaway to share (many chances to win!).

Finding Audrey is available for purchase wherever books are sold!


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This giveaway is US only and it ends 06/06/2016

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Leap by M.R Joseph


YA Fiction
Publication.Date:April 25th 2014
Published By:  M.R. Joseph

My review copy:
I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

Where to get:


What if you had no idea your “future” lived beside you your whole life? What if that person was also your best friend? What would you do when you finally realized it?

MacIntyre “Mack” Cooper and Corrine “Rinny” Blanchard have known each other since birth. Living next door to one another on the South Shore of Long Island, and their parents being best friends, meant growing up together was unavoidable. Their bond made them inseparable.

What Corrine didn’t expect was the attraction she began to feel towards her best friend as the two grew older.

As Corrine’s feelings evolve over time and tragedies transpire, she must put her feelings for Mack aside and continue to be just his best friend- unconditionally- when he needs her the most.

However, what happens when the person you love most in the world is taken away without warning just when you need them the most? Would you give up hope or would your love keep hope- and him alive?

No one knew Rinny like Mack did. No one ever would. Mack’s advice to her was when life takes a turn, and your faith is tested and your dreams seem out of reach, sometimes you just have to take the leap

Mack was my first everything. My first friend. My first partner in crime, my first batting coach, my first kick to a set of balls, my first kiss, my My only love. The one man who could bring me to my knees just with the sheer masculinity of his voice. Words rolled off Mack's tongue like sinful chocolate. Velvet and silky. His words were mesmerizing, intoxicating, and forceful at times, but no matter what you hung onto each one.

Corrine, I believe in miracles. I believe that there's someone watching over him and that he'll be back with us soon. I have to believe that. You have to believe that and everyone else who loves him needs to believe that. 
Each day gets harder and harder. Every day when there's no word about Mack, it pulls me down. So far down sometimes I don't think I can ever climb back up. There's no God. If there were, this life, or lack of wouldn't exist. I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself. I'm tired of lying to Haven. I'm tired of it all. 

 Rinny and Mack became best friends in utero, when their parents moved in next door to each other. Over the years that followed they were each others best friend, confidante, from childhood, to adolescence, to high school and college, they were always right there in front of each other sharing every funny, scary, embarrassing, honest truth with each other, there was nothing they couldn't say to one another, no instance in their young lives where they wouldn't support each other, for years they were each others person until the unthinkable happens and Rinny is forced to face her life without Mack. She is forced to stand on her own two feet without Mack. Will she survive?

Moving back and forth from present circumstances to the beginning and beyond of Mack and Rinny's relationship, this story delves into the heart and soul of a relationship that has lasted decades. Through the years these two have been everything to each other. They have lived through each other. They have loved each other. Now when the most horrific thing happens to one of them, how will the other live on?

I loved everything about this book. The way the author jumped back and forth from present to various different time periods in the characters lives. The way the author made Rinny so raw and real and relatable. The way the story twisted and turned so much that you couldn't possibility know what emotion you would feel next. Loved it all. This is a definite must read for any reader. Add it to your shelves today!


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Review: Down With The Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn

Young Adult, Fantasy, Magical Realism
Publication.Date  April 26th 2016
Published By:  Harper Teen
AuthorKate Karyus Quinn

Down With The Shine on Goodreads
My review copy:Received from the publisher in exchange for my honest review
Where to get:;jsessionid=7CB0D16A13FFD42E02B023A37A4E8DD2.prodny_store02-atgap08?ean=9780062356048&st=AFF&2sid=Goodreads,%20Inc_2227948_NA&sourceId=AFFGoodreads,%20IncM000004

Make a wish…

Lennie always thought her uncles’ “important family legacy” was good old-fashioned bootlegging. Then she takes some of her uncles’ moonshine to Michaela Gordon’s annual house party, and finds out just how wrong she was.

At the party, Lennie has everyone make a wish before drinking the shine—it’s tradition. She toasts to wishes for bat wings, for balls of steel, for the party to go on forever. Lennie even makes a wish of her own: to bring back her best friend, Dylan, who was murdered six months ago.

The next morning gives Lennie a whole new understanding of the phrase be careful what you wish for—or in her case, be careful what wishes you grant. Because all those wishes Lennie raised a jar of shine to last night? They came true. Most of them came out bad. And once granted, a wish can’t be unmade…

May all your wishes come true, or at least just this one. 

     Part darkly humorous cautionary tale, part twisty supernatural thriller, Down With The Shine takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride filled with chopped-off fingers, magical moonshine, Cheetos, ballsy moves (pun intended) and completely unpredictable plot turns. I had tons of fun reading this book and absolutely loved how Kate decided to end the story. As far as magical realism goes, this was, hands down, one of the most intriguing and entertaining stories I've had the pleasure of reading in my entire blogging "carrier".

     In an act of rebellion and trying to finally "live her life to the fullest", Lennie sneaks out of her home to attend the most popular "IT" party of the year. In hopes of being accepted by the crowd, she brings some of her uncles' famous moonshine with her. As the teenagers start drinking and partying, things quickly get out of hand - Lennie decides to do the traditional moonshine toast with everyone, asking people to "make a wish", and then granting each wish with "may all your wishes come true, or at least just this one." Everyone is having the time of their lives, until the morning comes and people wake up to see their wishes actually granted. And considering some of them wished for "balls of steel", "Midas touch but with Cheetos", "being old and wise and irresistible", or even - in Lennie's case - having her dead friend back alive and safe at home, you can only imagine the mayhem that follows.

     And that's not even the worst of it. Because now, with Lennie accidentally revealing herself as a wish-granting moonshine geenie (which, btw, she had no idea that she was), Lennie's power-crazed murderer of a father is finally able to locate her. And he is coming for her.

    How can a single book contain so much awesomeness? Honestly, this was such a fantastic, genre-bending mash-up, I was continuously blown-away until the very end. The barrage of absurdity that follows the wish-granting night is just as hilarious as it is kind of terrifying (can you imagine having the Cheetos touch?). I loved the energy flowing from this book, and I also adored its eerie, alluring and completely surreal atmosphere. Between the horror-like moments filled with mild gore (oh you know, chopped off fingers, a stab wound here and there, a few Cheetos-bursts deaths, etc), and the scenes of melting sweetness between Lennie and Smith, I felt like I was on an emotional see-saw. But it wasn't tiring or nauseating, not at all, it was actually very refreshing and gripping, with a nicely executed build-up of sexual tension and swoony kisses skillfully intertwined with jaw-dropping twists and humorous tension-breakers. It was inventive. It was mesmerizing. It was just so much fun to read. 

     I loved the noir humor in this book. Thick and gritty, it was so well-fitting, I don't think the story would be half as awesome without it. I snorted my drink a couple of times - usually whenever W2 would do or say something so incredibly outrageous and hilarious, I just couldn't keep a straight face. At the same time, I also really appreciated the darker and more serious undertones flowing through this book. I thought the plot involving Lennie's family was really well-thought-out and it added a very interesting aspect to the story. I also really loved the ending. It was one of the most flawlessly executed endings I've seen, and I wouldn't have the story end in any other way. Perfectly satisfying and very meaningful.

     Overall, if you enjoyed Kate's previous books (like Another Little Piece), chances are you will love Down With The Shine even more. They both have this creepy, darkly humorous, twisty, vaguely magical thing going on, so if you're into that kind of stories, you will not be disappointed.
Personally, I loved this book and I know many of my friends loved it just as much. So go ahead, take a sip. Make a wish.
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