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Spring Blog Carnival GIVEAWAY!!! Open Internationally!!!

I'm participating in Spring Blog Carnival *it's my first blog hop giveaway and I'm super excited!!!*

The hosts of this awesome Blog Carnival are:
- Candace’s Book Blog,
- Reading Angel,
- Pure Imagination ,
- The Book Swarm 

The giveaway is an International Giveaway - wherever Book Depository ships!

And here is the schedule for booths (a.k.a. challenges). Feel free to post this with giveaway too!
May 1st-
Reading Angel: Haunted House
Reading Teen: Fortune Tellers Booth

May 2nd-
Candace’s Book Blog: Food Court
The Mod Podge Bookshelf: House of Mirrors

May 3rd-
The Book Swarm: Roller Coaster
Actin’ Up With Books: Karaoke Booth

May 4th-
Pure Imagination: Kissing Booth
Lovely Lit: Once Upon a Time Booth

May 5th-
Awesomesauce Books: Gaming Booth
Books R Us: Medieval Booth

May 6th-
Extreme Reader Book Reviews: Guessing Booth
Colloquium: Cotton Candy Booth

May 7th-
The Minding Spot: Teacups Booth
Miss Remmers Review: It’s a Bad World Booth

One lucky winner will get to pick one of these books:

1) Kim Harrington - Clarity
2) Holly Black - The Poison Eaters
3) Kelley Armstrong - The Gathering
4) Julie Kagawa - The Iron King
5) Ally Condie - Matched
6) Lauren DeStefano - Wither
7) Rachel Hawkins - Hex Hall
8) Cassandra Clare - City of Fallen Angels
9) Kiersten White - Paranormalcy

And now, for the rules!!!
Giveaway ends on Sunday, May 8th and it's open Internationally (as long as Book Depository ships to your country)

All you have to do to Enter is  be a GFC follower of my blog and fill out this FORM

For extra entries:

+1 follow me on Twitter @SeoEvie
+1 be my friends on Goodreads
+2 leave a comment on this post
+3 tweet about this giveaway

The winner will be picked with and emailed on May 9th The book will be shipped by Book Depository. 

Thanks all my wonderful folks! Good luck to you all!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Immortality Virus by Christine Amsden (ARC review)

Genre:Science Fiction, Dystopian
Publication Date  June 15th, 2011
Where to get:B&N, Amazon,
Website:Christine Amsden
The Immortality Virus - Goodreads

     In the mid-21st century, the human race stopped aging. Those who know why aren't talking, and the few who are brave enough to ask questions tend to disappear. To an elite few, The Change means long life and health, but to the increasing masses, it means starvation, desperation, and violence.

Four centuries after The Change, Grace Harper, a blacklisted P.I., sets off on a mission to find the man responsible for it all and solicit his help to undo The Change – if he's still alive. To complicate matters, Grace's employer is suspected of murdering his father, and when the police learn of their connection, they give her a choice – help them find the evidence they need to convict Matthew Stanton, or die. But if they discover Grace's true mission, they won't hesitate to kill her in order to protect their shot at immortality.

 "How much are you selling him for?"  Grace asked, as though only mildly interested.  The mildness wasn't a stretch.
"Who said we're selling him?" Blondie asked.
"Why else would you have him here?" Grace asked.
"Decoration?" Blondie suggested. "He's just so handsome."
An old timer. Grace hadn't realize that he was one of the few remaining people who had already been old when humanity stopped aging.

      The Immortality Virus is a dark dystopian Science Fiction novel by Christine Amsden. It's an action-packed, fast-paced and thrilling book, spiced up with mystery and sprinkled with a tiny bit of romance. Everything is perfectly balanced, making this book a great treat for every Science Fiction fan.

     The story takes place in the far future, sometime around the year 2450, which is 400 hundred years after The Change, an event that caused people to stop aging and dying from natural causes. The world is in chaos. People are forced to live on the streets. They're dying from cold and hunger or they end up being slaves on the farms outside the city. The planet is overpopulated, the Rebellions are bombing public places, in hope to kill as many people as possible. It's a dark, violent and deeply depressing world, in which only the rich people, The Establishment, can live a long and healthy life. Everyone else lives in constant fear and poverty.

     Grace Harper, the heroin of this story, is a private investigator, who once worked for Kansas City Police Department. Many years ago she saved a female reporter from being killed by two vagrants, killing one of the attackers in the process. Unfortunately for Grace, as it later turned out, the "vagrant" he killed was actually a son of one of the wealthiest people in Kansas City, and, as we all know, people like that have the power and connections to easily get anyone killed. She was lucky enough not to get a death sentence, but her carrier was undeniably over. Grace was officially blacklisted, which meant she would never be able to get a legitimate job for any company owned by The Establishment or the government.

     The story starts with Grace being offered an investigation job, by a CEO of a Medicorp company, Matt Stanton. Mr. Stanton wants Grace to find Jordan Lacklin, a scientists who once worked for Medicorp. He was working on a cure for Alzheimer's disease for his wife, who was diagnosed with it. In the process, he discovered that aging, linked to all kinds of conditions, including Alzheimer's, was caused by humans own generic structure and that it could be turned off. Not long after this discovery Jordan disappeared without a trace and the humanity stopped aging. Matt offers Grace a very generous amount of money for finding Jordan and bringing him back to Medicorp, so that, as he claims, he could ask him to reverse the effects of the "immortality virus". Grace, knowing that refusal equals death, accepts the offer and agrees to take the job. With that starts a thrilling roller-coaster ride, filled with danger, mystery, life-threatening events and unexpected twists and turns, all leading to a bone-chilling and surprising conclusion.

     It took me 4 days to finish the book. Not because it wasn't engaging enough or it failed to hold my interest, not at all! Quite to the contrary, I was very captivated by the story, to the point that I often found myself just sitting in the room, and pondering upon the issues raised by this amazing book. It made me wonder how our lives would look like if we really managed to stop the aging process completely? What would happen to the human race, to the Earth? How would this affect us? Christine's book is so brilliantly written that I found myself totally absorbed in the world of 2450. It was a disturbing and disquieting read, a delicious dystopian treat! I would definitely recommend this book to all Science Fiction and dystopian fans, you can't go wrong with it! And don't let the cover put you off! It might not be the most gorgeous cover we've ever seen, but trust me when I say, the content of the book is absolutely fantastic!


Follow Friday (#5)

Follow Friday is a weekly blog HOP, hosted by Parajunkee

Q. If you were stocking your bomb shelter, what books would you HAVE to include if you only had space for ten?

Wow, what a tough question!
Only ten books? u_u

Ok, let's think...

1) Lord of the Rings (3)
2) Stephen King - The Dark Tower (7)

and that would be it! T_T
Can I take more??? Puuuhleaaaseee!

3) Holly Black - Modern Faerie Tales (3)
4) Pride and Prejudice!
5) One Hundred Years of Solitude (Marquez)
6) Cassandra Clare - Clockwork Angel
7) Patrick Ness - Chaos Walking Trilogy
8) Patricia Williams - The Kin Trilogy
9) Amy Jones - Soul Quest Trilogy
10) Abe Kobo - The Kangaroo Notebook

Oooor.. I could just take my KINDLE  :D Then I would have all the books I want! ;)

What books would you take to your bomb shelter? Don't forget to leave me the link to your answer!
If you follow, I'll follow back!

And since you're here..

Please check out my 200 Followers Celebration Giveaway~ It's International and you can win one of four awesome prize packs (3 books each)!! Ends May 15th! 

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Hunger Games cast news!

Dear Hunger Games fans! I have some casting news for you today :) There have been many casting announcements made lately and here's what we know so far:

Katniss Everdeen: will be played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Most of you probably saw her in "Winter's Bone" (an adaptation of Daniel Woodrell's 2006 novel of the same name)

Gale Hawthorn: will be played by Liam Hensworth.

You might know him from The Last Song, Knowing, and Triangle.

Peeta Mellark: will be played by Josh Hutcherson. 

His most known roles include Journey to the Center of the Earth and Bridge to Terabithia.

Effie Trinket: will be played by Elizabeth Banks.

Her recent works include Spiderman, Zack and Miri Make A Porno, and 40-Year Old Virgin.

Primrose Everdeen: will be played by Willow Shields who is debuting young actress!

Rue: will be played by another debuting young actress, Amandla Stenberg.

Thresh: played by Dayo Okaniyi, who's yet another debuting actor in the movie world!

Glimmer: will be played by Leven Rambin. She's played in quite a few TV shows, including All My Children, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, One Tree Hill, and Grey's Anatomy just to name a few.

That's all we know for now. 
Personally I love the choice of actress for the role of Katniss. I saw Winter's Bone and although the movie itself didn't blow my mind, I really loved Jennifer and how she played! She was brilliant! I think she will make a wonderful Katniss :)

Peta? Meh, could have been better. I somehow can not imagine Josh in this role. Can you? I mean, he has this amazing sensitivity painted all over his face.. which fits the role perfectly, but other than that he just looks like a .. kid! 

Gale! I didn't have a chance to see any of Liam's movies yet, so I don't really know what kind of actor he is, but judging my his physical appearance, this was definitely a good choice! He does look like Jen's cousin, doesn't he? And most certainly he looks like a skilled hunter! Nice, nice! :D 

I really like the choice of actresses for Prim and Rue, both girls look just like I imagined the characters to be! And it's really nice to see some new faces for once! 

Effie? Oh my, I dunno.. I saw all the movies with Elizabeth Banks and I do love her as a comedy actress, but I'm not quite sure if this was the right choice for the role of Effie.

What do you guys think about the cast?

Ebooks in the Classroom? by Amy Jones (Guest Post Time!!!)

I'm very excited to welcome Amy Jones to Bookish today!
Amy is a YA fantasy fiction writer and her debut novel, Soul Quest, was one of my top favorite reads of this year! I've been lucky enough to interview Amy before, as well as review her brilliant novel. Here are the links to both posts: Soul Quest review, Amy Jones interview.

Guys, please give a warm welcome to Amy...

About Amy:
I am a 1993 graduate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Dance Education. I have seventeen years of experience in education and currently teach Dance and Theater Arts to high school students in southeastern North Carolina. Dancing, acting and writing are all forms of communication. Each form requires exceptional creativity and passion to inspire and impress an audience. I have enjoyed a passion for reading, writing, and the arts since I was a child. As an adult I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to share my passion for the arts with children. It only seems appropriate that delving into the world of teen fiction would be the next logical step in my life.

Visit Amy's website for the Spring Blog Carnival hop (May 1st - May 8th) and get a free copy of her amazing YA fantasy novel - Soul Quest!!!

How awesome is that?
It's a limited time offer, so hurry up and grab it! :)

Ebooks in the Classroom? by Amy Jones

I recently read an article about the prospect of Ebooks replacing textbooks in the classroom.  I remembered instantly what a pain it was (literally) to lug a huge book sack over stuffed with high school curriculum to and from school everyday.  You remember that picture, Literature, Arithmetic, Science and Social Studies busting at the seams, day in and day out.  Just imagine what it would be like to have all of that knowledge at your fingertips in an instant on an ereader device.  I suppose it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to me.  As a teacher I’ve seen technology pave its way slowly, yet consistently into the nooks and crannies of our schools over the past several decades.  Video projectors were first replaced by VCR’s and finally DVD players.  Those green grading books became networked programs through out a state wide system.  Instead of scratching numbers into a tiny box, teachers plunk them into a computer database and export them.  Chalkboards have become whiteboards, overhead projector images are now on power point, students demonstrate oral report presentations using Video Maker and the old musty Apple computer lab in the back of the school has transformed into a portable Del laptop laboratory. 

Has all of this changed how kids are learning in the classroom?  You bet it has.  It has engaged them deeper in the learning process, furthering their understanding of the curriculum. So, what does the emergence of ebooks equal in this equation?  More kids reading? Maybe.  Children in today’s world are entirely tuned in to technology.  They have cell phones, ipods, laptop computers, Zunes, Wii, Xbox, accounts on Facebook and Twitter… you get the drift.  When you really think about it, if you want to encourage a child to read into today’s society it almost sounds crazy to consider handing them a paper bound book.  You might as well hand them an old forty – five record or VHS video.  The reality is traditional books may become obsolete sooner than we believe. Many school systems in the more affluent areas have already traded in their bound textbooks for ebook formatted curriculum. Instead of passing out textbooks on the first day of school teachers are downloading the documents to their student’s laptops.  Colleges and universities are doing the same thing on a greater scale.

What does this mean for the writing industry? What does this mean for indie authors? I know many of us love to feel the weight of a book in our hands as our fingers sift through the pages. There is nothing like the scent of fresh ink on paper, or in contrast, the weightlessness of the paper thin worn copy of your favorite novel that you’ve read at least twenty times.  Never the less, I believe a Golden Era in publishing may be on the approach.  I believe many would argue it has already emerged and a revolution in writing dawns upon us.  What do you think? Please interject your thoughts. I would love to hear your opinion.

Both Amy and I would love to hear your opinion on the subject! What do you guys think about the prospect of eBooks replacing textbooks in the classrooms? Let us know in the comments below!

Amy, thank you so much  for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us here today! It's always a great pleasure to talk to you.  I am  looking forward to the next installment in the Soul Quest Trilogy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heaven Sent giveaway WINNERS!!

E-book giveaway winners are:

** Ashley Amo from  Ashton the Book Blogger
** Amy Jones from Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

Congrats guys, the author of this amazing book will email you shortly! :) I hope you'll enjoy this book, as much as I did!!

And since you're here, please be sure to check out my current 200 Followers Celebration Giveaway!

There are some really awesome prize packs to chose from! :) And it's International!! :D

And please come back on May 1st to enter my upcoming Spring Blog Carnival giveaway! I prepared some special books to chose from :) And it will be International, too! (don't we all love International giveaways?^^)

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200 Followers Celebration Giveaway!!! Open International!

I'm super excited to announce my 200 Followers Celebration giveaway! :) Thank you so much all my followers for being here with me, supporting me and my blog and for all your wonderful comments! I just LOVE being a part of such a great community!

So! To show my appreciation I decided to host an International Giveaway - wherever Book Depository ships!

One lucky winner will get to pick one of these book packs:

1) Modern Faerie Tales by Holly Black *complete series: Tithe, Valiant, Ironside*

 2) Suzanne Collins - Hunger Games Trilogy set *Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mocking Jay*

3) Cassandra Clare - Mortal Instruments pack *City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass*

4) Patrick Ness - Chaos Walking Trilogy pack *The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Ask and The Answer, Monsters of Men*

And now, for the rules!!!
Giveaway ends on Sunday, May 15th and it's open Internationally (as long as Book Depository ships to your country)

All you have to do to Enter is  be a GFC follower of my blog and fill out this FORM

For extra entries:

+1 follow me on Twitter @SeoEvie
+1 be my friends on Goodreads
+2 leave a comment on this post
+3 tweet about this giveaway
+3 blog about this giveaway
+2 for each comment on my review / interview posts (the list of reviews is HERE)

The winner will be picked with and emailed on May 16th The books will be shipped by Book Depository. 

Thanks all my wonderful followers and good luck!

Teaser Tuesday #5

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading and it asks us to...
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

So, I just started reading a new book yesterday, it's "Immortality Virus" by Christine Amsden, so far I'm really enjoying it! Don't let the cover put you off, this book is a real treat! :)
Here's my teaser from it:

     "An old timer. Grace hadn't realize that he was one of the few remaining people who had already been old when humanity stopped aging."

Stay tuned for my review, coming up this week!

So what are you reading, my dear fellow book lovers? Don't forget to leave a linky in the comments, I love checking out your posts!

IMM - In My Mailbox (#5)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Story Siren

The purpose of it is to post about the books we received during the past week (ARC, electronic galleys, books won in giveaways, bought or borrowed from the library - you can list anything you want!)

I'm a bit late in the game this week, but I got some AWESOME books and I definitely need to brag about them! :D

Here are the books I've received this week:

I went to Holly Black and Cassandra Clare book signing at Chapters in Metrotown (Burnaby), and bought City of Fallen Angels, Clockwork Angel (for Lisa, who won my giveaway! Your book was signed and is already on it's way to you!)and The White Cat - got them all signed! (I waited about 6 hours in line.. but it was worth it! Cassie and Holly are wonderful *_*)
Then I got Entwined from Book Depository (yay~!) - the cover is simply gorgeous :D
And then I received Endlessly by C.V. Hunt for review :D (yay again!^^)

From netGalley I got:

A gay suburban hip-hopper freaks out her Christian high school - and falls in love - in this righteously funny and totally tender YA debut, for real.
Listen up: You’re about to get rocked by the fiercest, baddest all-girl hip-hop crew in the Twin Cities - or at least in the wealthy, white, Bible-thumping suburb of Holyhill, Minnesota. Our heroine, Esme Rockett (aka MC Ferocious) is a Jewish lesbian lyricist. In her crew, Esme’s got her BFFs Marcy (aka DJ SheStorm, the butchest straight girl in town) and Tess (aka The ConTessa, the pretty, popular powerhouse of a vocalist). But Esme’s feelings for her co-MC, Rowie (MC Rohini), a beautiful, brilliant, beguiling desi chick, are bound to get complicated. And before they know it, the queer hip-hop revolution Esme and her girls have exploded in Holyhill is on the line. Exciting new talent Laura Goode lays down a snappy, provocative, and heartfelt novel about discovering the rhythm of your own truth. (from Goodreads)
In a giveaway I won this one: 

He knew she was gone the second her cool touch withdrew from his arm. He never saw her but had felt her disappear into some cold, dark place. He perceived the black emptiness where she had been summoned, her deep anxiety filling his heart. But he couldn't reach her. He didn't even know her name.

Elias moved to Hazel Grove, California to get away from the rain, his parents, and everything that was taken from him in Hayward, Washington. But he thinks he may be going crazy when he starts seeing purple glitter in the air, the scent of rosemary is everywhere, and he is hearing a beautiful voice.

Jane is content in her life of solitude in the quiet town of Jasmyn Lake, but when her special magic sends her on a journey to meet the man she has been dreaming about for months, she cannot resist.

Look into the world of The Enchanters, where water has a sense of humor, trees scare people, and love - is destiny.
I got this lovely book from Allie Burke and I will definitely be reading and reviewing it soon! Thank you Allie!!! :)

I can't wait to dig into the books I got this week, all of them are awfully delicious!
Stay tuned for reviews! :)
And what did you get?

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