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Sunday, March 11, 2012

MARCH R.A.K - I finally signed up!

It's been a while since I participated in R.A.K! I decided to join the fun again :)

In case you don't know what R.A.K is, go check out Book Soulmates for more info!
Links you will need:
  • Sign up for March 2012 [HERE]
  • See who else is participating [HERE]
Make sure you'll sign up, too! I have already sent out one R.A.K this month (to the adorable Cathee from Foreva Lost in Books - she got A Million Suns and Among Others), and you know what? I'm feeling generous this month - I think I might send out one or two more!


Doodle said...

I have 2 books I want to send you!! Just sent you an email! :D

Doodle @ Doodle's Book Blog

Evie said...

Emily, you are the sweetest creature :D <3 Thank you sooooooo much! I've sent you an email just a few minutes ago :D *SO EXCITED* *dances around*
<3 <3 <3

Arianne Cruz said...

i LOOOOVE RAK! i already sent one out and someone sent one to me but I haven't received it..

P.S. will u ever have a survey about ur blog soon? Lol I have something to say. (or a lot)

Twitter: @ariannecruz07

miki said...

^^ i've sent 2 already this month and i'm waiting for an answer about another one. I hope to receive at least one

have a great month ^^ ( seems like it starting great already)

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